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We offer the NRA Basic Pistol Course which meets the Hawaii legal requirement to purchase a handgun.  The class is conducted in two phases.  Phase 1 is conducted online and Phase 2 is the portion of the class that is at the range.

Phase 1 Class - 
go to the website, 
and Select the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course. This portion of the class costs $60 which you will pay directly to the NRA. After completing the online training, the NRA will allow you to print a certificate of completion. 

Phase 2 Class - Cost $100 (cash only)
Stop by our shop or send us a text message to find out when the next phase 2 class is.  Bring your PIN, user ID from the NRA online training, and payment of $100 cash to us to register for the next portion of the class. We will be conducting the phase 2 class on Thursday mornings.